Pink Earrings






I always find fashion trends and marketing amazing – why on earth do I all of a sudden want lots of pale pink and pink earrings?! Yep, because it is the trend and my eyes and desires are being steered this way.

Who am I to protest, I am loving pink, and for sure want to embrace the trend with a pair of pale pink earrings, the difficulty is choosing just one. The Gucci selection gives you pink and a lion, that is two hits for the price of one! Whilst the JW Anderson resin plastic balls give off a more retro vibe, and the Miu Miu are the prettiest and most whimsical with hearts and crystal colours. I have been seeing  Rebecca de Ravenel’s  earrings everywhere, these are pale pink perfection with a refined bohemian aesthetic of corded-silk spheres.

Good luck choosing ladies.

Images from:   Matches Fashion and Net-a-porter.


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