Tash Sefton










Tash Sefton studied fashion design and began her career in product development and then label development at General Pants. This all started to change once she, together with her best friend Elle Ferguson, began the fashion blog and online shop They All Hate Us. She is also a wife and mother-of-two and is currently co-hosting with Elle their own style tv series called Style Squad. Sounds pretty busy! 

Tash is a Sydney girl like myself, so I really respond and like her relaxed style – yet she  mixes this with the blue chip labels like Chanel, Goyard, Gucci and LV. From memory, this has always been her style – I remember way back when we were in our early 20s and Tash would always be the one in jeans and a white t-shirt, but of course she would step it up with the Gucci belt.

Images from: Beauticate, Daily Telegraph, The Grace Tales, They All Hate Us & Pinterest.


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