Black & White









2014-lvcruise-suzanne-koller-charlotte-gainsbourgloeweAt beach side.jpg

Much to the wonder of friends and colleagues from the more vibrant dressing cultures such as Pakistan, India, Egypt and even Kuwait, I still embrace black and white as my preferred colours. The Charlotte Lucie ‘Desert Sands Dress’ is one of my favourites, its so light and easy to wear plus the embroidered linen makes it look more refined and elegant. I can wear it during the day with Ancient Greek Sandals or at night with heels for a more formal occasion.

I am also kind of liking the Loewe Pins – punkish yet mod. And great bright colours too. Makes a change from the Chanel brooch which has certainly been a feature these last years.

Dress Photgrapher: Alexandra Zambon

Other images from: CdMDiary, Chanel, Equipment, Loewe, Pinterest & Vogue.



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