Earrings & Anti-aging for Earlobes



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Earring collections featured from top to bottom:

Nadine Kanso, founder of Bil Arabi, is a noted photographer and award-winning haute jewelry designer. She is known for her calligraphy inspired jewelry pieces and is one of the favoured designers of the region. Nadine was born in Beirut and lives in Dubai.

Nikos Koulis is a Greek designer with an authentic passion for jewels. I particularly love his geometric and deco inspired pieces.

Another Lebanese jewelry designer popular in the region is Ralph Masri. His Arabesque Deco collection is a favourite of mine.

Yannis Sergakis is the descendant of a well-established family of Greek diamond traders. After many years in the industry he has started creating his own signature line using a very pleasing geometry.

Anti-Aging for Earlobes

My friends know that I wear my earrings only occasionally and never sleep in them. This is because I have a phobia of ‘big earring holes’ and ‘droopy earlobes’. I was reading The Coveteur the other day and see my phobia is a real concern. They featured New York City dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler and an extract from the article is below: 

Why the ears are just as important as the face, neck, and décolletage:

“The skin on the ear is the same as everywhere else and is neglected, especially in terms of sunscreen, as very few people remember to apply it to their ears. Anti-aging skin-care should be applied outwards to the ears the same way as we use it on our face and neck. We lose volume in our lobes as we get older, just like in our face. The combination of sun damage, wrinkles, and a loss of collagen and elastic tissue changes the shape of the earlobe, expanding it and causing the piercing to hang lower.

“Skin cancer on the ears is very common (especially on the outer part of the ear, because it’s more exposed to the sun). Make sure to apply sunscreen regularly and have a dermatologist check anything that’s rough, scaly, or pigmented.”

Her top 3 ear care rules:

1. “Don’t wear heavy earrings frequently, because it will cause dragging on the piercing. What we see as we age is an elongation of the hole itself, so the hole can get wide and long. The second thing we see is the lobe itself can get very thin. There’s two options for this: fillers or complete lobe repair.”

2. “Use earring support discs with hanging jewelry or even studs. I also recommend adhesives that go the length of the back of the ear to support heavier or multiple earrings.”

3. “Never sleep in your earrings—take them off when you get home! Unless you’re going out, opt for minimal earrings because you’re on the telephone all the time and it puts stress on the ear. Heavy earrings should be reserved for a special occasion.”

If you have stretched-out lobes:

“With mildly or moderately stretched piercings, we can fill with Restylane or other hyaluronic acid fillers. We use the same fillers as in the face to volumize earlobes. Restylane is easy to inject and adds support to the lobe, both on the outside and to compress the hole, making it tighter. Our patients are always pleased with the results, because not only do you close the hole, but [it] plumps the entire ear and removes wrinkles. After injection, it’s possible to get some bruising but it’s a five- to 10-minute procedure and patients can go right back to work with zero downtime.

“For an extremely damaged situation where the lobe is separated or very long and pendulous, we recommend surgical repair. It’s simple and usually includes removing a small piece from the lobe and suturing back together. This takes about eight weeks to heal and then you re-pierce the ear. Ultimately you have to change your habits: stop wearing heavy jewelry and use back support for your earrings.”

By: Alicia Cesaro on the Coveteur

Images & Text from: Bil ArabiCoveteurNikos KoulisRalph Masri & Yannis Sergakis


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