Black, navy or grey weekend?



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Everlane cashmere wool tutle 3.jpg


On Saturday morning in Kuwait we woke up to winter, 13°C and raining……so I went upstairs to the winter wardrobe to find the weekend sweaters and found them slightly lacking.

I think it was 2 years ago when Everlane first opened and I got really excited and ordered a few of their classic cashmere sweaters – they were the perfect classic: relaxed fit, soft cashmere and correct tailoring. I was waiting for this winter to come around because I still wanted a few pieces, however, I am a little disappointed because they have moved slightly away from ‘classic’: a little small and tight, slits up the side, strange textures etc. However, the black turtleneck is still classic and so is the over sized turtleneck which comes in navy and grey. Everlane have excellent customer service and I sent them an email about my concerns that they are moving too far from ‘classic’, they replied immediately saying their range is still classic however with some additional pieces and hope I find what I like – nice people at Everlane. I hope next year they are back to the classics.

Meanwhile, I thought to explore other options and found the reliable and always classic/relaxed fit James Perse has some great weekend options, and Aether also has a lovely grey sweatshirt as well as a black or navy weekend relaxed turtleneck. Equipment is a slightly more expensive option, their peacoat navy cashmere turtleneck was very appealing and the unique colour may justify the price.

Images from: Aether, Equipment, Everlane, James Perse, Pinterest & Violet Files.



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