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Whenever I see Ellen Barkin I immediately think of her film Sea of Love’ with Al Pacino, and the song played over and over on the record……..the role is my image of Ellen – perhaps one of the strongest and sexiest women I have seen on film.

Last night I came across this article on Ellen on the Violet Files (and yes, I am obsessed with Cassandra Grey too – even jealous, shes achieved a lot with great style). So whilst repeatedly playing ‘Sea of Love’ I composed this post and have to say, Ellen looks so great with short hair – its even introduced a whole other character look for her.

Of course the topic of how she looks so good came up, and this is the great advice she gave:

‘I have not been under the knife. I laser. And I’ve tried every type of laser out there. Now I’m into the Ulthera Laser. I do it once a year. It’s extremely painful. You don’t have any downtime at all. And I am religious about my Fraxels. It gets rid of discoloration and smooths out the surface of your skin. I still have hardly any pores on my face’ (Ellen Barkin on The Violet Files).

On aging in Hollywood, Ellen said:

‘When I was young, I based my [acting] choices around playing fringe, undervalued women. You know, working class single mothers, the woman whose husband didn’t love her because she wasn’t pretty enough. Now, I’m not playing some 60-year-old sad sack because that’s not how I feel and, by the way, that’s not how the girls I know feel’ (Ellen Barkin on The Violet Files).

Ellen is currently playing a villainess in Animal Kingdom, an American crime drama television series based on the 2010 Australian crime film where Jacki Weaver played the role currently being played by Ellen. I am going to look this up tonight…

Update: I binge watched 5 episodes of Animal Kingdom over the weekend. Ellen looks maximum 45 with the figure of a 21 year old, and shes still as tough and sexy as I remember her. I would describe the show as a Sons of Anarchy at the beach, I like it, but not obsessed.

Images from: Pinterest, The Violet Files & Vanity Fair.

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